The Gallery

Here are the pictures I drew during the time. Some are quite good, others aren't. I will leave it to you, the viewer, to decide, which pictures you loke and which not. Further down you can find pictures drawn by other furries that gave me the permission to post their work on my site.

A commission I made for Redswift. This scene was inspired by something that happened on the #pantherchat. Redswift is © by her player.
Another picture of Reesa. This time I drew her as an oriental dancer. The colors were added with the Gimp. This picture is a part of a complete scene.
And again I try to attack the Eurofurence T-Shirt contest. This time it's #6. Blew it again - but again I had much fun :)
Another picture with Reesa as a model. Someties a little relaxation is good for you.
A nice massage is always a good thing, especially when performed by such talented paws. There's only one question: Who enjoys more in this picture?
Do you know the feeling when you're longing for your partner and they're out of reach? It isn't always easy but you will be rewarded by the reunion, even if you can't believe it before.
This is Reesa, standing on a bridge, looking over a lake. I don't know, what she's looking at ... This picture was inspired by a day when we were walking through a forest. Reesa (her player respectively) was standing there just like that and this image kept nagging me until I finally put it on paper.
A sketch of my character Renech enjoying a good time together with Reesa, his mate. Still something, I have to work on, but the sketch is quite okay, I think. Reesa is © her player. This one's for you, Reesa!
And here my attempt to bomb the Eurofurence #5 contest. Still didn't work but it was fun anyway. :)
This picture was my entry for the Eurofurence #4 T-Shirt contest. It didn't win but it's the olympic spirit that counts. :)
These scribbles are the result of a boring day at work and the train ride afterwards. I thought I should post this here, too (please don't hit me for this :).
A vixen coming out of the shower room. Again I notice the bad proportions. Anyway, maybe I will learn someday.
This is Nori, a gorgeous cougar lady. I imagine her the way she will look once she's grown up. For the first time I drew something like a background.
A white foxcoon named Ryon, who intends to be a famous artist some day. This picture was drawn after a scene that occurred on #Pantherchat. Maybe I will rework this image again, I'm not too satisfied with the proportions.
A vixen gives her cub a tail ride.
Here you can see what may happen to you, while you're chatting. This image was my first colour experiment ...
A sketch I got the idea for while watching a video tape on a whelpday party ...
Another character drawing for another befriended fur to his whelpday :-)
This character picture for a befriended fur is my first ink drawing.
I wonder who really wouldn't care ... :-)~
The head's much better here but other proportions are wrong, anyway :-)
My first try on a full body.

Other Furries' Artwork

My character »Redfur«, the way Mark Stanley sees him. Visit his home page, too, you will find an online comic strip there named »Freefall«. Thank you Mark for the permission to publish this picture.
My character »Redfur«, drawn by Xan. Find more Artwork on his home page.
This is Vici, a vixen drawn by Lury.
This is Lury's main character, a white she-wolf.
This is a picture from a new coming artist called Alphatier. He asked me to publish this image in my gallery, and I think it is very good.
A picture by Cap, showing my two characters Redfur and Ryon, together with Ryon's mother. Many thanks to Cap for the permission to post the picture here.
Robert Symons, alias Uncle Bob, is a newcomer in furry artwork, but his drawings can pretty much stand the comparison to more known artists. This picture shows a badger warrior.
A picture by Uncle Bob, showing a bear warrior, who's smoking his pipe, looking relaxed.
A fighting scene by Uncle Bob. Here you can clearly see his preference for aggressive motives.
Uncle Bob shows us, how he imagines Big Mama's chracter Grey Ghost.
A minotaur by Uncle Bob.
A rat elementrarist, preparing a magic spell. A picture by Uncle Bob.
Uncle Bobs thieving weasel.
A wandering wolf, posing for Uncle Bob.
A picture by Uncle Bob, showing a wolf warrior with his war axe.
Claudia Wamers, alias Big Mama, kindly gave me some of her phantastic drawings to publish them here. This is a cat warrior, proudly holding her weapon over her head.
Another picture by Big Mama. It shows Ch'Rhugar, the Master of the Hall of Fire.
Here you see Big Mamas version of her character Grey Ghost.
Another picture by Big Mama. This is a drawing of a rat thief that shows her love for details.
Lisa Raccoon, one of my favourite characters of the animated cartoon show "The Raccoons", drawn by Redlouts. Visit the inofficial Raccoons Home Page, too. There are informations, screen shots and MP3 files from the show.

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